Products of integrity are created when construction leads design and a human implements it.

FEIT products are made by hand. Their construction is chosen to root the individual on firm ground by providing balance, stability, and longevity.

Three disciplines create the above:

1. Cornerstone Lasts
2. One-Piece Upper
3. Handmade

1. Cornerstone Lasts
FEIT cornerstone last

To create a consistent fit, a collection should evolve from an initial set of lasts.

Integral to FEIT’s collection is an initial set of lasts built in 2005 with the master Italian last maker Verdichio Padrone, now 96 years old and based in Tuscany.

Our cornerstone lasts are used as a base around which all FEIT products are built. They provide the shoe's shape, fit, feel, and are a great contributor to its comfort. Staying true to these lasts ensures FEIT customers can move between styles and still achieve the same fit.

FEIT one-piece upper

To create a superior shoe, a one piece upper must be employed.

FEIT shoes are constructed from a single piece of leather, hand stitched at the heel. Whereas most shoes are produced using multiple pieces of leather, FEIT’s one - piece upper is completely seamless, ensuring comfort and allowing the shoe to break in naturally and eventually shape and mold to the foot.

FEIT hand sewing

To create a deep experience and comfort, build products by hand.

People, not machines, craft FEIT products. For thousands of years, humans produced products primarily by hand, building a global industry that employed workers in communities throughout the world. As machine automation / technology has advanced, human labor (and natural materials) is becoming the most expensive part of the production process. Corporations strive to deliver quarterly growth hence their focus increasingly moves toward automation as an opportunity to cut costs, thus rendering the human obsolete.

Though computer-automated production is better for the companies, it does not make it necessarily so for the customer, worker, earth…

The use of computer-automated production has necessitated the increasing use of synthetic materials, which are more uniform and predictable in the production process. Feit believes that producing products by hand from natural materials creates a superior product and wearing experience. Human decision-making allows the maker to use our materials judiciously, and to adapt and improve the product as needed during construction. Fewer machines also reduces the energy consumption and environmental impact of our supply chain / production process.

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